Interface AssocModel

    • Method Detail

      • getPlayerByRole

        PlayerModel getPlayerByRole​(String roleTypeUri)
        this association's player that plays the given role. If no player matches, null is returned. If both players are matching an exception is thrown.
      • playerCount

        int playerCount​(String roleTypeUri)
      • hasSameRoleTypeUris

        boolean hasSameRoleTypeUris()
      • matches

        boolean matches​(String roleTypeUri1,
                        long playerId1,
                        String roleTypeUri2,
                        long playerId2)
        Checks if the given players match this association. The given role type URIs must be different. The player position ("1" vs. "2") is not relevant.
        true if the given players match this association.
        IllegalArgumentException - if both given role type URIs are identical.
      • getOtherPlayerId

        long getOtherPlayerId​(long id)