Interface ViewProps

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Iterable<String>, JSONEnabled

    public interface ViewProps
    extends Iterable<String>, JSONEnabled
    A mapping of prop URIs (strings) to prop values (objects). Used to hold and transport view properties. There are (de)serialzation and store-to-DB facilities.

    Note: ViewTopic/ViewAssoc extends a core model class. Core model classes can only be instantiated through the model factory. The newViewTopic/Assoc calls expect a ViewProps object. That's why ViewProps is specified in the Core as well despite ViewProps does not extend a core model class.

    • Method Detail

      • get

        Object get​(String propUri)
        Returns the prop value mapped to the given prop URI, or null if no value is mapped.
      • getString

        String getString​(String propUri)
        Convenience getter.
      • getInt

        int getInt​(String propUri)
        Convenience getter.
      • getBoolean

        boolean getBoolean​(String propUri)
        Convenience getter.