Interface ViewConfig

  • public interface ViewConfig
    A container for config topics.

    Config topics can be accessed by their type URI. A view config can contain only one config topic with a certain type URI.

    • Method Detail

      • getConfigTopic

        Topic getConfigTopic​(String configTypeUri)
        the config topic for the given type URI, or null if there is none.
      • addConfigTopic

        Topic addConfigTopic​(TopicModel configTopic)
        Adds a config topic to this view config.
        the (instantiated) config topic.
        RuntimeException - if this view config already contains a config topic with the same type URI.
      • setConfigValue

        ViewConfig setConfigValue​(String configTypeUri,
                                  String childTypeUri,
                                  Object value)
        Sets a single value of a certain config topic. If no such config topic exists in this view config it is created.
        configTypeUri - The type URI of the config topic, e.g. "dmx.webclient.view_config"
        childTypeUri - The child type URI of the config value to set, e.g. "dmx.webclient.icon"
        value - The config value (String, Integer, Long, Double, or Boolean)